Accelerate your entry into the IoT market with our elastic application platform

Deliver rich and flexible connected applications that include smart data analytics, machine learning and workflow decisions in real-time using your sensor data.  Our platform is industrial strength at massive scale, you can trust we can scale with your business and on a platform flexible enough for any market. We have provided this to our customers and we can for you. contact us.


ElasticM2M IoT consulting services

ElasticM2M technical and stretagy consulting services provide you with the expertise to execute on your IoT business objectives. Our team has deep experience and has delivered connected applications supporting millions of devices. We know how to deliver cloud based, highly available and massively scalable applications. We are experts in geospatial, big data analytics, cloud engineering, software engineering, UX design, security frameworks and video processing. We can build your applications for you, help you take your concept to a pilot and on through to full market launch.


Rapidly providing connected businesses with value

The elastic application platform enables physical assets in the real world to be represented in the digital world. We can combine real-time sensor data with data from multiple other sources, run through alert workflow logic to to generate warnings or send commands to change the behavior of the remote physical asset bringing continuous optimization to your business. We can feed the data from physical assets into our machine learning logic to build and refine models of your connected business and use our analytic technology to provide actionable business intelligence to build predictive and prescriptive outcomes.  Learn more about our technology.

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