Our technology has been architected to enable the rapid delivery of  IoT solutions.  It is secure, highly flexible, industrial strength and massively scalable to meet our mission of enabling connected businesses.  ElasticM2M accelerates you from concept, to pilot, to a full market launch easily, fast and at the lowest upfront investment enabling you to test a concept and proceed rapidly to revenue adjusting the solution as you go.

Flexible and Scalable

As most of the IoT markets are early, applications will need to be agile, adapting and changing as you learn more of what your customers value.  When you are successful and start to hit scale, it’s too late to learn your platform can not cope with the volume of data that can dramatically slow reporting, searches, analytics and the very real-time nature of the platform as data from devices sits on queues waiting to be processed.  Even worse the platform can become unstable and experience outages.  At this late stage re-architecting for scale are typically destabilizing and highly disruptive.

The ElasticM2M team have scaled applications to millions of devices, we have built our platform to horizontally scale and take full advantage of the elasticity in the cloud.  We auto sense increasing loads and dynamically create more workers to process the data and as the load drops we close down workers to save costs.  Our data ingest is based on software used to process billions of messages and modifying the logic is simple and flexible using our data flow visual interface.

Simple Integration

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) utilizes a micro-service architecture each in its own container which dynamically auto-scales. Each service can be deployed automatically using Docker containers for minimum risk, no downtime and delivering features to market at lightspeed vastly increasing the pace of innovation.

Integration is a fundamental component of the elastic application platform with all features published as RESTful API’s and access to them strictly managed and secured with our roles and permissions logic.  Integration with third party systems is simple using our integration SDK and significantly increases the value of the data by combining data sources before visualizing with our data analytics and feeding machine learning logic.

Developer Friendly

If you want to add a new device to your solution it’s as simple as building a new device driver with our SDK, then   mapping device payloads to our internal API’s.  If you wish to build a new user experience it can be built rapidly using our user experience SDK that consumes the hardened features of the elastic application platform.  The user interface and device code is yours, it is your unique look and feel and your brand.  Alternatively you can ask out team to develop your device drivers, user interface and integration’s for you.

The ElasticM2M platform is the right choice to build smart applications for the connected generation.

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