Brand Partner Program

The Elastic Brand Partner Program allows leading Industry Solution Providers to leverage the most scalable and flexible Telematics/IoT platform available, as well as Elastic’s powerful, market-specific applications. Brand Partners can rapidly bring new offerings to market and add critical new capabilities to their existing offerings.

By bringing the Elastic Connected Advantage to their existing and prospective customers – using their own brand – our Partners are generating new revenue streams, increasing profitability, delivering high-impact Telematics/IoT features and building higher customer satisfaction.

Program Features

Brand Value

The Elastic M2M Brand Partner Program allows Solution Providers to build equity in their own brand. Elastic Market Solutions were designed from the ground up to enable private label branding for the most scalable, flexible, and innovative Telematics/IoT platform available.
  • Rapid Brand Setup
  • Custom Service Plans
  • Custom Ts&Cs

Multiple Markets On A Single Platform

Elastic enables Brand Partners to deliver advanced solution features for multiple markets on a single, integrated platform, allowing reuse of platform services across customers.

  • Shared Platform Services
  • Shared Application Features
  • Rapid Market Expansion
  • Common Administration

Turn-Key Or Your “Bring Your Own”

Elastic offers Brand Partners the option of a fully packaged solution, including Platform, Devices, and Wireless Data.  For those with the ability to package their own choice of Device and/or Data, the Elastic Platform can easily support any hardware or wireless data provider.

  • Market Leading Device Options
  • Tier One Carrier Options
  • Device & Data Agnostic
  • Built by Elastic or Partner

Custom Feature Development

For Brand Partners that need to accelerate Elastic M2M roadmap features, have unique requirements, or want to provide additional differentiation in their target markets, Elastic M2M Professional Services can help deliver new solution capabilities.

  • Integration with Existing Apps
  • Support Industry Processes
  • Feature Innovations