Success Story

Automotive Telematics Provider

Customer Objective

Rapidly enter new Connected Car market and establish #1 position as Telematics Provider* for Franchise, Dealers, and Dealer Groups in North America.


  • Over 500 K telematic service subscribers
  • Losing market share due to inflexible legacy
  • Diverse sensors with high data sample rates


  • Launched 1st franchise dealers after only 3 mo*
  • Accelerated IoT innovation & time-to-market
  • Enabled personalized IoT event driven end-customer notifications and offers**
  • Captured market leadership position

*end-to-end solution: analytics, dev management, bulk processing, global search, user management, billing, subscription management, marketing and campaign management, etc.
**product/service offers driven by usage, location and driver- behavior insights – e.g., vehicle maintenance coupons, cold weather gear/add-ons for cold weather drivers, etc.