Success Story

Warehouse Equipment Vendor

Customer Objective

Develop industry-leading telematics platform for warehouse fleet management/optimization – enabling new differentiated value-added services for customers


  • Diverse catalog of vehicles & equipment that move across indoor and outdoor areas
  • 12 month effort to leverage rigid contemporary telematics platform failed to achieve UX objectives.


  • Delivered ‘connected warehouse’ solution for forklifts& operators in < 4 month, including tracking, analytics, alerts, inspections, cert check, compliance & scheduled maintenance.*
  • Solution provides new revenue stream & competitive edge for client & enables end-customers to increase pick & pull times and overall operational efficiency

*GPS asset mapping, smart impact reporting, usage & performance analytics, custom OSHA checklist accountability, rugged tablet with intuitive UI & responsive dashboards with customizable layouts/functions; Operator certification check before asset can be used & tracking of operator performance and impacts.