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Accelerating Digital Transformation for Mobile Asset Intensive Enterprises
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Forged in the Cloud by proven IoT/AI innovators, ElasticM2M is the most flexible and scalable platform for managing mobile assets across indoor/outdoor locations worldwide – and one of the fastest-growing enterprise IoT platforms on the market.

2 Billion+

IoT Events processed per month

1 Million+

global asset sensors/cameras supported

22 Brands

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“My team analyzed the top cloud-native IoT-AI vendors and found ElasticM2M to have the most complete, nimble and intuitive platform for our needs – spanning internal operations efficiency and customer-facing product/service innovation – including the ability to rapidly enable value on top of our existing tools and data… We estimated it would take years to build a solution that matches their current features and performance advantages.”

Fortune 500 Logistics Company

Platform Overview

ElasticM2M provides a massively scalable and flexible platform to build connected applications and maximize the value of your data using powerful analytics and machine learning.  You can choose to use the whole platform or alternatively just modules you need to accelerate existing systems into the IoT market.


Simple Integration

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Platform Features


Elastic M2M provides the base technology to develop your mobile IoT applications. They are secure and connect to the elastic application platform. Our technology allows you to program once and deploy to both Apple iOS and Android tablets and phones lowering development and maintenance costs and accelerating time to market. Our applications are distributed through the App Store and Google Play. We can include additional features such as bar code readers to scan asset id’s. For example the VIN on a vehicle which automatically populates the vehicle details and uploads a stock picture to the system.


The action can be to send notifications or automatically optimize business operations by adjusting physical assets operation in real-time, for example remotely adjust a fluid flow control valve if a sensor indicates a tank is full.  Our alerts include warnings for low vehicle battery voltage, assets crossing geo-fence boundaries, excessive speed, motion and many others.  Building new alert workflow uses a visual tool in our technology stack.  Alerts and notifications can be managed at the asset, account or organizational level.


A vital part of your business is managing your device provisioning, inventory, deliveries, installations, device issues, account and organizations. We provide many bulk operations to manage at your business at scale. We provide role and permission based access to many parts of the system so that key activities are restricted to authorized users.


ElasticM2M analytic services provide real-time actionable business intelligence for your connected business. We integrate data from multiple sources with the data from your sensors to provide unique insights into your business. Simply select the data source and customize the visualization to provide maximum value to your customers.


Integrating data from other sources significantly increases the value of your connected application especially when combined with alerting, analytics and machine learning. The elastic application platform makes system integration simple using our SDK’s and highly secure RESTful API’s providing flexibility, rapid innovation while ensuring that your data remains safe.


Flexible organization hierarchy supports any business structure with each tier able to view data and use features at their tier or for a child tier below. A reseller that can view multiple dealerships, who in turn, can view their floor plan inventory until sold to a consumer who then can view just their asset. The structure can easily be changed with new tiers added or removed through our API’s.


Integrated to a number of the major payments gateways enabling you to take credit and debit card payments through your IoT app.


Select the data you want in the report, column order, sort order, filters, hyper-links, output formats and delivery options. Scheduled report deliveries can be managed in highly flexible patterns with the reports branding managed from the branding portal.

Simple Integration

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) utilizes a micro-service architecture each in its own container which dynamically auto scales. Each service can be deployed automatically using Docker containers for minimum risk, no downtime, and delivering features to market at lightspeed, vastly increasing the pace of innovation.

Integration is a fundamental component of the Elastic application platform with all features published as RESTful API’s and access to them strictly managed and secured with our roles and permissions logic. Integration with third-party systems is simple using our integration SDK and significantly increases the value of the data by combining data sources before visualizing with our data analytics and feeding machine learning logic.

Flexible and Scalable

As most of the IoT markets early applications will need to be agile, adapting, and changing as you learn more of what your customers value. When you are successful and start to hit scale, it is too late to learn your platform can not cope with the volume of data that can dramatically slow reporting, searches, analytics and the very real-time nature of the platform as data from devices sits on queues waiting to be processed. Even worse, the platform can become unstable and experience outages. At this late stage, re-architecting for scale is typically destabilizing and highly disruptive.

The ElasticM2M team has scaled applications to millions of devices. We have built our platform to horizontally scale and take full advantage of the elasticity in the cloud. We auto sense increasing loads and dynamically create more workers to process the data and as the load drops we close down workers to save costs. Our data ingest is based on the software used to process billions of messages and modifying the logic is simple and flexible using our data flow visual interface.

Developer Friendly

If you want to add a new device to your solution, it’s as simple as building a new device driver with our SDK, then mapping device payloads to our internal API’s.

If you wish to build a new user experience, it can be built rapidly using our user experience SDK that consumes the hardened features of the Elastic application platform.

The user interface and device code are yours, it is your unique look and feel and your brand. Alternatively, you can ask our team to develop your device drivers, user interface and integration’s for you.